EXTC Department

Communication is exchange of information between individuals or groups. Telecommunication Engineering facilitates design and development of mechanisms which help human race to communicate efficiently and rapidly.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a major discipline that falls under Electronics Engineering. Telecommunication is a diverse area incorporating fields like Electronic Devices, Analog and Digital Communications, Mobile Communication, Wireless Communications, Satellite Communication, Signal Processing, Integrated Circuits Design, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Image Processing, Antenna Wave Theory etc.

The EXTC department at Watumull Institute is headed by Prof Sunita Sharma. It has well qualified teaching staff and supportive non teaching staff members. The HOD inspires the staff members to pursue further education, conduct and participate in various activities such as National Conferences, Poster Competitions, and STTP etc.

Our Aim

We aspire to develop in our students, a thinking process, good understanding and in depth knowledge of the subjects along with their overall personality development. The students are motivated to participate in various university and inter-collegiate technical project competitions, paper presentations etc

Department Laboratories

  • Project Lab- Electronics Department
  • BEE and Industrial Electronics Lab
  • TV and Communication Lab
  • Digital and Microprocessor Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • PCB Lab


Events Organized


National Conference


ETETE 2011 National Conference was conducted on 25-26th September 2011.


One week ISTE-STTP


One week STTP was conducted in the week of 4th to 11th January 2009.

Notice Board